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Whether you allow pets or not, we can help you maximize profits by minimizing damage, exposing fraudulent ESA's, maximizing deposits and fees, and minimizing the time you spend dealing with pets. Check out our ROI calculator to see what you could be saving each year.

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Why Choose OurPetPolicy?

Why Choose OurPetPolicy?

To build the best pet policy platform we brought together a team of lawyers, landlords, and property managers, from many different states and backgrounds. OurPetPolicy was made to eliminate potential loopholes, set transparent rules and expectations for tenants, and is easy to manage. In just a few minutes, you can add your rental properties, customize your lawyer-vetted policy for your state, and send a contract to your tenant for electronic signature.

No more hassle and potential legal disputes


Damage Reduction

Our process reduces unauthorized pets, fraudulent ESAs, and educates tenants on the responsibilties required when renting with pets.


Federal and State Compliance

Laws are always changing. OurPetPolicy takes care of the legal compliance, so that you don’t have to. No loopholes, no worries.


Easy Management

Everything you need to manage your pet policies, signatures, and violations — all in one place.

OurPetPolicy makes the process convenient and easy for you. Our process is vetted by lawyers in every state making sure you are covered under state and federal laws.

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Why do I need a Pet Policy if I have a "No Pets Policy"?

Why do I need a Pet Policy if I have a "No Pets Policy"?

The Federal Housing Administration allows a person with a disability that can get a letter from a qualified professional to have an animal in almost any rental, regardless of a “No Pets Policy”. Millions of ESA (Emotional Support Animal) letters are faked every year. We have a thorough verification process that will expose these fake letters and keep unauthorized animals out of your rental!

Pawsibilities Unleashed . . .

  • Customizable Contracts & Master Policies
  • ESA Verification Process
  • Electronic Signatures Service
  • Easy-To-Use Tenant Portal
  • Contract Data Management System
  • Violation Notification System
  • Documentation Storage System
  • Application Processes For All Animal Requests
  • Irrefutable Unauthorized Animal Policy
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Why Choose OurPetPolicy?