The sprawling property, which boasted 1,967 units, encountered significant challenges related to emotional support animals (ESAs) and unidentified pets. Struggling to differentiate between legitimate ESA requests and potentially fraudulent ones, the property faced significant challenges in maintaining comprehensive documentation for all animals residing within its premises. Aware of the potential risks posed by unknown pets, the property sought the assistance of OurPetPolicy to implement effective solutions. 

"OurPetPolicy has been instrumental in streamlining our animal management processes. Their team is always available by phone and incredibly helpful to both property managers and residents. It's made a significant difference in our operations." - Property Manager

OurPetPolicy Solutions Implemented

The property partnered with OurPetPolicy to implement several key solutions tailored to their needs:

ESA Verification

OurPetPolicy's streamlined verification process helped accurately identify legitimate ESA requests for the property, mitigating fraudulent claims.

Pet Mapping

The platform facilitated efficient mapping of pets within the property, enabling better management and allocation of resources.

Animal Management Platform

OurPetPolicy provided a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of animal policies, enhancing operational efficiency and resident satisfaction.

After six months of implementing OurPetPolicy, the property witnessed remarkable results:

  • 59.7% of all ESA requests and 72.4% of all Service Animal requests were found to be illegitimate, showcasing the platform's effectiveness in reducing fraudulent claims.
  • The total increase in Pet Revenue collected over six months amounted to $51,651, demonstrating the platform's ability to enhance revenue streams.
  • Total Increase to NOI over the first six months reached $37,504, illustrating significant operational efficiency gains.
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) stood at an impressive 265%, highlighting the platform's cost-effectiveness and value proposition.

"With OurPetPolicy, we can breathe easy knowing they handle ESA verification with meticulous care, taking the burden of risk off our shoulders. Their streamlined processes not only ensure compliance but also give us peace of mind, allowing us to focus on delivering exceptional service to our residents." - Director of Property Management

The Bottom Line

The impact of OurPetPolicy extends beyond mere detection of fraudulent ESAs; it has revolutionized how properties oversee and manage all animals, as evidenced by its successful implementation at the 1,967-unit property. As a result, OurPetPolicy emerges as an indispensable asset for properties seeking not only efficiency and streamlining but also enhanced profitability in their pet management strategies.

If you're looking for an immediate return on investment, and peace of mind managing pets on your properties, then it's time to consider OurPetPolicy. Schedule a demo with us today.


Attributes we would like to know

1) Number of Units - 1,967 Units

2) General Location - Utah

Quick Customer Success Story

Products Used

Products & Services:

• ESA Verification

• Pet Mapping

• Pet Management Platform

Top Challenges

• Onboarding Pets

• Identifying Unknown Pets

• Identifying Fraudulent ESA Letters

• Converting non-paying pet owners to paying pet owners

• Losing Documentation/Manual human-errors

Animal Stats

• 59.7% of all ESA requests weren’t legitimate

• 72.4% of all Service Animal requests weren’t legitimate

• Total increase to Pet Revenue collected over 6 months: $51,651

• Total Increase to NOI over the first 6 months: $37,504

• Total Return on investment: 265%

• Average increase per unit per month for all 1,967 units: $2.72

• Average increase per unit that has an animal (625 units): $8.57

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