Professional pet policy contracts in minutes

When it comes to pets, let us do the heavy lifting for as little as $5/month. We only charge for units with animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get set up?

If you have your property address information, tenant name and email, and a payment method, you can have your first contract sent to your tenant in 5 minutes or less.

Do you have an ESA letter verification process?

Yes, we have a state of the art ESA letter verification process that exposes fraudulent letters. We also include all state laws and penalties for fraudulent documentation in the contracts that the tenants read and sign.

Do I need this service if I have a “No Pets Policy”?

You would especially want this service if you have a “No Pets Policy”. With dozens of companies popping up online offering ESA Letters for as low as $29, the number of fraudulent ESA letters have skyrocketed this past year. More people are sneaking in pets as they are working from home and think they can conceal them better. There are instances where HUD will hire people to inquire about support animals and press a lawsuit if you are not following their rules exactly. We are here to help take on all of these burdens for you!

If my tenants have already signed a pet policy, can I implement this pet policy?

You can always let your tenants know you have decided to use our platform to help facilitate the pet policy and ask them to sign up. They have the right to decline. However, if they are asking to have an Emotional Support Animal, a Service Animal, or even if they have a visitor that wants to bring an animal onto the leased premises, you can let them know that you use our platform for those purposes and they would need to get approved before doing so. You can also customize your policy for your property ahead of time. When the new lease is ready to sign all you would have to do is enter the tenant name(s) and email/phone number and click send.